Lesson 10 – Develop A Pleasing Personality

  • Your personality is the sum total of your characteristics and appearances which distinguish you from all others


  • The clothes you wear, the lines in your face, the tone of your voice, the thoughts you think, the character you have developed by those thoughts, all constitute parts of your personality


  • By far the most important part of your personality is that which is represented by your character, and is therefore the part that is not visible


  • The style of your clothes and their appropriateness will form first impressions in the minds of people you come in contact with


  • The expression of your eyes also forms an important part of your personality, for there are people who can look through your eyes into your heart and see that which is written there by the nature of your most secret thoughts


  • A pleasing personality is essential to success in any work that sees you dealing directly with customers


  • A Pleasing Personality is one that makes use of Imagination and Cooperation
    • Analyze any man who does not have a Pleasing Personality and you will find lacking in that man the faculties of Imagination and Cooperation also


Ways to Develop a Pleasing Personality

  • The most important part of a pleasing personality is character
    • You cannot fake having good character, people you come into contact with will notice subconsciously whether you are true of heart of not
    • You build character by strong self-discipline
    • Study those whose character is made of the same qualities you wish to build into your own character, then appropriate these qualities through the aid of auto-suggestion
    • Make the dominating thought of your mind a picture of the person that you intend to be: the person that you are deliberately building, through this procedure
    • Find at least one person each day, and more if possible, in whom you see some good quality that is worthy of praise, and praise it. Remember that this praise must not be in the nature of cheap, insincere flattery; it must be genuine
      • This habit will soon reward you with a feeling of self-respect and manifestation of gratitude from others that will modify your entire personality


  • You can never express an attractive personality through a harsh or shrill voice. You must cultivate your voice until it becomes rhythmical and pleasing to the ear
    • Study the prominent men and women of today and observe the significant fact that the more prominent they are the more efficient are they in speaking forcefully
    • No one may hope to become a prominent leader in any noteworthy undertaking without developing the ability to speak with forcefulness that carries conviction


  • Learn how to shake hands so that you express warmth of feeling and enthusiasm through this form of greeting


  • Attract other people to you by first “attracting yourself” to them


  • Remember that your only limitation, within reason, is the one, which You set up in Your own mind


  • No person with a grievance can be also a person with an attractive personality
    • Remove the smoked glasses through which you see what you believe to be the “blueness” of life and behold the shining sunlight of friendliness in its stead



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