Lesson 11 – Accurate Thought

  • To think accurately you have to separate facts from mere information
    • There is much information available to you that is not based upon facts


  • You have to separate facts into two classes: the important and the unimportant or the relevant and the irrelevant
    • All facts which you can use in the attainment of your definite chief aim are important and relevant
    • all that you cannot use are unimportant and irrelevant


  • All successful people have acquired the habit of combining and using the important facts which affect their line of work
    • It is not always about working harder but more efficiently


  • To understand the importance of distinguishing between facts and mere information study the people that accept without analysis all they hear through news or gossip
    • You should always use your own judgment and gather facts before forming an opinion


  • The accurate thinker deals with facts, regardless of how they affect his own interests, for he knows that ultimately this policy will bring him out on top, in full possession of the object of his definite chief aim in life


  • It requires a strong and unshakable character to become an accurate thinker
    • You have to accept that thinking accurately will bring you temporary disadvantages but in the long run it is the only way to enduring success


  • It is necessary to examine both a statement made and the person who makes the statement
    • This is especially true if that person could profit in any way from the statement


  • If a person slanders another their remarks should be taken with great caution because they will be filled with great bias


  • Evidence is always subject to the closest scrutiny, and all the more so when it is of a negative or destructive nature


  • No harm can come from accepting, as fact, hearsay evidence that is constructive: but its opposite, if accepted at all, should be subjected to the closest inspection possible under the available means of applying the law of evidence


  • The eyes of the accurate thinker see facts – not the delusions of prejudice, hate and envy


  • To think accurately you have to be fair enough to look for virtues as well as faults in other people


  • The sub-conscious mind accepts and acts upon all suggestions that reach it, whether they are constructive or destructive, and whether they come from the outside or from your own conscious mind
    • This highlights the importance of carefully selecting what you pass to your subconscious mind through auto-suggestion


  • When auto-auggestion is used in the wrong way it can have terrible consequences
    • In hypochondriacs it can lead to serious illness through the constant fear of getting ill that manifests itself in the subconscious until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy
    • You should go to great lengths as to keep in mind the power of the subconscious mind and what inputs to select


How to Develop Accurate Thought

To learn how to THINK ACCURATELY one must thoroughly understand:


1.  That the mind can be controlled, guided and directed to creative, constructive ends.


2.  That the mind can be directed to destructive ends, and, that it may, voluntarily, tear down and destroy unless it is with plan and deliberation controlled and directed constructively.


3.  That the mind has power over every cell of the body, and can be made to cause every cell to do its intended work perfectly or it may, through neglect or wrong direction, destroy the normal functionary purposes of any or all cells.


4.  That all achievement of man is the result of thought, the part which his physical body plays being of secondary importance, and in many instances of no importance whatsoever except as a housing place for the mind.


5.  That the greatest of all achievements, whether in literature, art, finance, industry, commerce, transportation, religion, politics or scientific discoveries, are usually the results of ideas conceived in one mans brain but ACTUALLY TRANSFORMED INTO REALITY BY OTHER MEN, through the combined use of their minds and bodies.


6.  The majority of all thoughts conceived in the minds of men are not ACCURATE, being more in the nature of opinions or snap-judgments. When Alexander the Great sighed because he had no more worlds (as he believed) that could be conquered he was in a frame of mind similar to that the present-day Alexanders of science, industry, invention, etc., whose accurate thoughts have conquered the air and the sea



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