Lesson 13 – Co-operation

Organized Effort

  • Nearly all successful businesses are conducted under some form of co-operation


  • The three most important factors that enter into the process of organizing effort are:
    • Concentration
    • Co-operation
    • Co-ordination


  • All successful people possessed the ability to enlist the co-operative efforts of other men who supplied talent and ability which they, themselves, did not possess


  • Mere organized effort is not sufficient to insure outstanding success; the organization must consist of individuals each of whom supplies some specialized talent which the other members of the organization do not possess


  • In nearly all commercial undertakings there is a need for at least three classes of talent: buyers, salesmen and those familiar with finance
    • When these three classes of men organize and co-ordinate their efforts they avail themselves, through this form of co-operation, of power which no single individual of the group possesses
    • Many businesses fail because the composition of the workforce is imbalanced


  • We are living in a world in which the law of the survival of the fittest is everywhere in evidence
    • Those who are fit are those who have power, and power is organized effort
    • Unfortunate is the person who either through ignorance, or because of egotism, imagines that he can sail this sea of life in the frail bark of independence


  • All natural laws and all of Nature’s plans are based upon harmonious, co-operative effort, as all who have attained high places in the world have discovered


  • The man whose philosophy is based upon co-operation instead of competition will not only acquire the necessities and the luxuries of life with less effort, but he will enjoy an extra reward in happiness such as others will never feel


  • Personal power is developed by developing, organizing and coordinating the faculties of the mind


  • You have to balance mind and body in a way that will allow you to perform on a high level and be motivated to do so without feeling the constant threat of laziness dragging you down
    • Eat healthy and exercise to keep up your body’s energy levels
    • Make sure you get enough rest so your mind doesn’t burn out
    • Make room for entertainment and activities that are fun to you, no person can be successful without being happy



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