Lesson 14 – Failure

  • Under ordinary circumstances the term failure is a negative one
    • Through this misuse of the word failure it has brought unnecessary grief to millions of people


  • We should distinguish between failure and temporary defeat


  • Temporary defeat is often a blessing in disguise as it wakes us up and redirects our energies along different and more desirable lines


  • A strong character is usually built through set-backs and temporary defeat


  • Every time you face defeat of some sort you should cherish the opportunity to learn from it and emerge stronger than before
    • Often defeat is the only way to learn a lesson or improve in some area of life
    • Defeat greatly increases the intensity of whatever lesson it teaches us


  • This principle is the main force that is building our character when we are growing up
    • If you never face any problems while growing up you will end up unable to cope on your own and will forever be dependent on money you inherit


  • Defeat is a destructive force only when it is accepted as failure
    • When accepted as teaching some needed lesson it is always a blessing


  • Every successful person has faced defeat at some points and quite often the amount of success a person enjoys is proportional to the obstacles he had to overcome on his way to the top


  • Be thankful for the defeat which men call failure, because if you can survive it and keep on trying it gives you a chance to prove your ability to rise to the heights of achievement in your chosen field of endeavor


  • If you feel broken and hopeless and everything around you seems to go wrong, always remember that the wheel of life keeps turning and if it brings you sorrow today it will bring you joy tomorrow
    • Don’t despair and look ahead, know that every great person has faced problems just like you have and has grown stronger because of them



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