Lesson 15 – Tolerance

  • Intolerance is a form of ignorance which must be mastered before any form of enduring success may be attained
    • It is the chief cause of all wars
    • It makes enemies in business and in the professions
    • It disintegrates the organized forces of society in a thousand forms, and stands, like a mighty giant, as a barrier to the abolition of war


  • Intolerance is the chief disintegrating force in the organized religions of the world


  • Almost always intolerance is based on somebody else’s beliefs that we accept as our own without questioning them


  • Our entire personality is built between the ages of 1 and 14 when we are accepting every piece of information as the absolute truth
    • It is very important that we start to question our beliefs once our mind develops enough to form our own opinions


  • Being successful requires a very tolerant mindset as you will have to form alliances and partnerships with people of many different cultures and beliefs


Social Heredity

  • Social heredity is the principle through which the young of the race absorb from their environment, and particularly from their earlier training by parents, teachers and religious leaders, the beliefs and tendencies of the adults who dominate them


  • The three great organized forces through which social heredity operates are: The schools, the churches and the public press
    • Any ideal that has the active co-operation of these three forces may, during the brief period of one generation, be forced upon the minds of the young so effectively that they cannot resist it


  • It would be possible to abolish war through social heredity if all the religions and schools of the world organized themselves in cooperation


  • The church is the greatest potential power in the world because its power grows out of mans emotions
    • Emotion rules the world, and the church is the only organization which rests solely upon the power of emotion



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