Lesson 16 – The Golden Rule

  • Do unto others only that which you would wish them to do unto you if your positions were reversed


  • If you devote your entire life to this rule you will be fair, tolerant and respectful of every person you meet and this will reflect directly in the way you are treated in return


  • You can use this law as an irresistible power that will carry you to heights of achievement, which could not be attained without its aid


  • A passive attitude toward the Golden Rule will bring no results
    • You have to apply it actively in all your relationships, whether personal or professional
    • Likewise it will bring you nothing if you use the Golden Rule as a cloak to cover up a covetous and selfish nature, even the most ignorant person will figure out who you really are


  • The Golden Rule cannot be circumvented, you reap what you sow!


  • If you observe a person whose only goal is the attainment of wealth and who disregards the Golden Rule completely, you will find that he is a slave of his desire for wealth, he is too busy to enjoy life and too selfish to wish to help others enjoy it
    • Yet there are many who envy such a man and wish that they might occupy his position, foolishly believing him to be a success
    • There can never be success without happiness, and no man can be happy without dispensing happiness to others
    • Moreover, the dispensation must be voluntary and with no other object in view than that of spreading sunshine into the hearts of those whose hearts are heavy-laden with burdens


  • For every business it has become essential to abide by the Golden Rule as the only way of doing good business is through honest cooperation with partners and customers


  • Application of the rule should be based not only on the desire to be honest with others, but also the desire to be honest with oneself
    • This applies in general to the Golden Rule for it is obvious that whatever we do unto others we do unto ourselves
    • You cannot indulge in an act toward another person without having first created the nature of that act in your own thought
    • Grasp this simple principle and you will understand why you cannot afford to hate or envy another person


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