Lesson 2 – A Definite Chief Aim

A Definite Chief Aim

  • Develop a goal for what you want in life
    • Think about what you need to do to achieve it
    • Write down your chief aim and read it at least once a day, better yet place it somewhere where you can see it all the time
      • This is called auto-suggestion, a form of self-hypnotism that will serve to fill your mind with the thought of attaining that goal
      • A person’s actions are always in harmony with the dominating thought in his mind so you should strive to use the concept of auto-suggestion until your mind is filled by the thought of reaching your goal


  • Visualize how you will achieve your goal
    • Don’t just visualize the end result, create a clear picture in your mind of yourself taking the necessary actions to achieving your goal


  • Aim high!
    • Ambitious goals can be very motivating
    • Everything that you can imagine can be achieved (within reason)


  • A person with a definite chief aim commands respect and attention at all times
    • If you truly believe in something and put it to action there is very little that can stop you


  • It is impossible to achieve real success without a set of well defined goals
    • Without goals you wouldn’t even know you achieved something
    • If you go through life without direction you will waste all your energy and end up nowhere
      • Develop a goal and focus all your energy on achieving it!


  • Your goal should be precise
    • Define exactly what business, where it will be located, how much profit you need to achieve your goal, etc.
    • For every part of life if you want to achieve something you can set precise goals


Steps To Develop Your Chief Aim

1. Define your chief aim

2. Write down a clear, concise statement of the aim

3. Write down your plans for achieving your aim


  • You need a burning desire for the thing you want to achieve, then you need to crystallize that desire into a definite purpose, then take sufficient appropriate action to reach your goal


  • Know what you want, when you want it, why you want it and how you intend to get it


  • Visualize how you will attain your goals


  • Write down a statement confirming that you can and will realize your goals and read it in the morning and before you go to bed at night


  • Follow the plan until you realize your goal, never give up and never doubt that you will realize your goals


  • Sometimes it will be necessary to change the goals
    • Make these changes without hesitation and rewrite your aim



  • Development of the power with which to get whatever one wants in life
    • We are living in a world of intense competition
    • Success can only be achieved through the use of power


  • Power: Organized energy or effort
    • The Law of Success teaches how to organize facts, knowledge and the faculties of the mind into a unit of power
    • Organized effort is one of the most powerful forces in life
      • Example: Think about how much power organizations like the catholic church possess


  • Success in any business doesn’t necessarily require knowledge of that industry but rather an understanding of one’s mind and the mind of others


Other Key Points

  • As you work through the course you will have ideas about possible applications for the lessons in business
    • Write them all down, as you should always write down any idea for a business or a way to improve your life in general


  • Don’t ever assume you know enough about anything
    • You should always be aware of the fact that you could learn more about something
    • Don’t get complacent, always strive to improve


  • The mind becomes stagnated if it isn’t fed with new impulses on a regular bases
    • Always try to create fresh impulses for your mind
    • Take a trip to nature or to a place you haven’t been to before
    • Try out a new activity like learning a language


  • Always be honest about your failures
    • Mistakes are necessary for improvement
    • If you accept mistakes as being your own and not blame outside forces they are incredibly powerful tools for improvement


  • Like attracts like (the law of attraction)
    • When you expect negative things to happen, they will
    • This is true for all parts of life like relationships, etc.


  • Never form an opinion about anything without examining it first



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