Lesson 5 – Initiative and Leadership


  • Initiative is doing the right thing without being asked


  • Initiative is paramount for success


  • To be a leader you have to take the initiative, it will not fall into your lap


  • To gain the habit of initiative you have to shake off the habit of procrastination
    • When you feel like something needs to be done, DO IT!
    • Make a plan and put it to action


  • Even if you don’t have anything to gain by certain actions you should use them as a means of training and developing the aggressive spirit of initiative you need to become successful


  • True happiness doesn’t come from earning more money for your work but from the enjoyment of doing the best work you can possibly do


  • When you strive to do the best you can do, work doesn’t feel like work anymore but rather like a game that gives you joy


  • When you learn something new like this course try to teach it to your friends or family
    • You learn best what you’re trying to teach to others
    • When you repeat something over and over to others you will automatically imprint it into your subconscious
    • Teaching others will also train your ability to lead others



  • Leadership requires a number of qualities:
    • Self-confidence
    • Self-sacrifice
    • Fairness
    • Initiative
    • Decisiveness
    • Dignity
    • Courage


  • You have to possess strong knowledge of the field you are leading others in as people do not follow leaders who show weakness or indecision


  • You have to be able to control your emotions in stressful situations and remain calm, collected and able to think and express yourself clearly


  • In order to be strong in tough times you should adopt a mindset where you make light of your troubles and belittle your problems
    • This is invaluable advice as it will teach you not to feel sorry for yourself but to look ahead and find solutions for your problems


  • Your followers will reflect your own actions more than your words
    • Lead by living what you expect from your followers instead of preaching empty words


  • You have to have a strong understanding of the personalities of your followers
    • You can’t treat all your followers the same, they require different approaches and styles of leadership


  • To act calmly and decisive in a stressful situations requires comprehensive preparation, you should think about different scenarios of problems and prepare solutions
    • This will also train you for unexpected emergencies and enable you to react much better than if you hadn’t prepared yourself at all


  • You should strive to be the friend of your followers but not their intimate
    • They should be in awe of you – not fear!


Other Key Points


  • In lesson 1 you learned about the definite chief aim
    • This chief aim must be active and not passive
    • Your aim will never be anything more than a wish unless you become a person of initiative and aggressively pursue that aim until it has been fulfilled


  • To become a person of initiative you have to form the habit of aggressively following your chief aim until you acquire it, whether that takes one year or twenty years


  • Leadership requires the power of quick and firm decision
    • Leaders will always be decisive, even in small matters
    • Followers will never be decisive


  • Followers generally don’t know what they want
    • They will procrastinate and refuse to reach a decision until a leader induces them to do so
    • Knowing that most people cannot and will not make decisions is very helpful for the leader who knows what he wants and has a plan for getting it


  • Every leader makes use of the Law of a Definite Purpose, the Law of Self-confidence and the Law of Initiative and Leadership


  • Outstanding leaders also make use of the Laws of Imagination, Enthusiasm, Self-Control, Pleasing Personality, Accurate Thinking, Concentration and Tolerance


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