Lesson 7 – Enthusiasm

  • Enthusiasm is a state of mind that inspires and arouses someone to put into action the task at hand


  • Enthusiasm is contagious and affects every person the enthusiast comes in contact with


  • Enthusiasm is the most important factor of successful salesmanship, it is vital to public speaking and leadership


  • It will energize your entire body and enable you to cope with less than half the usual amount of sleep and perform from two to three times as much work as you usually perform in a given period, without fatigue


  • If enthusiasm truly gets a hold of you it will make you forget time and space and you will reach the zone where your concentration is as big as possible


  • Some people are blessed with natural enthusiasm, while others must acquire it
    • You have to find work you like doing
    • If you’re in a position where you can’t do what you love, develop a chief aim that will get you to where you want to be and you will develop enthusiasm for your current work as part of the bigger plan


  • Happiness can only be achieved through thehope of future achievement
    • The house you want to own, the life you want to lead, the money you intend to earn are the things that produce happiness
    • These are also the things out of which your definite chief aim is formed and over which you may become enthusiastic, no matter what your present station in life may be


How Your Enthusiasm Will Affect Others

  • One of the most important subjects of this course is suggestion


  • Suggestion is the principle through which your words and your acts and even your state of mind influence others


  • The human subconscious mind is very powerful at detecting other people’s feelings and energy
    • In this way your state of mind will influence those around you even if you don’t talk or take action


  • The tone in which you make a statement has more power of conviction than the statement itself


  • If your thoughts and your actions and your words harmonize, you are bound to influence those with whom you come in contact, more or less toward your way of thinking
    • Your thoughts are the most important of those three because they control your words and actions


  • Before you can influence another person through suggestion, that person’s mind must be open and receptive
    • First impressions count!
    • You have to present yourself well in order for people to approach you with an open mind


  • Suggestion is one of the most subtle and powerful principles of psychology
    • You are making use of it in all that you do and say and think, but unless you understand the difference between negative suggestion and positive suggestion, you may be using it in such a way that it is bringing you defeat instead of success
  • The only thing that can give somebody real and enduring power is character
    • Reputation is not character!
      • Reputation is what people are believed to be, character is what people are
    • You cannot acquire character without building it by your own thoughts and actions
    • Through the use of auto-suggestion, any person can build a sound character, no matter what his past has been


Stimuli That Produce Enthusiasm

1. Occupation in work which one loves best


2. Environment where one comes in contact with others who are enthusiastic and optimistic


3. Financial success


4. Complete mastery and application, in one’s daily work, of the Fifteen Laws of Success


5. Good health


6. Knowledge that one has served others in some helpful manner



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2 thoughts on “Lesson 7 – Enthusiasm

  1. Don’t forget the forced laugh concept. Napoleon describes going into another room where he will not be heard and with use of willpower forces himself to laugh until it becomes real and from there enthusiasm manifests.

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